Following is a transcript of an interview with Lindsey, Jeff and Raul about their parents, school and friends.

Lff-Seller: After a preview of this movie a 16 year old told us that many parents only pretend they care about their children but do not really do so. Is this true?
Lindsey: Oh yeah, especially in front of teachers …
Jeff: … or in front of each other.    Raul: It’s even worse than that. They brag about how great we’re doing in front of other parents …     Jeff: … but they don’t know the slightest things about us.
Lindsey: Exactly, most of their stories are made up.
Jeff: They aren’t even interested …
Raul: …or they want to know everything.
Lindsey: That’s even worse.
Raul: That’s how it is with a friend of mine. His parents boss him around about everything.
Lff-Seller: For example?
Raul: His mother tells him which of his buddies he is supposed to call on their birthdays.
Lindsey: Why? He sees them all the time anyway.
Raul: Exactly. That’s total nonsense.
Jeff: I think that’s the problem. Some parents don’t care and others boss you around.
Lindsey(mimicking): „Clean up your room! Can’t you behave?
Do you see other people doing that? How do you look today? Don’t you dare to go out like that!“
Jeff (joining Lindsey): „… Do better in school! Apologize to your siblings! …“
Raul: Oh my god. Can you please stop it?
Lindsey: Why? Aren’t we having a great time?
Raul: I have this “great time” even in real life – at least sometimes.
Jeff: Who doesn’t?
Lff-Seller: Thank you for your time.

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