“A gripping story”
Shot in downtown LA, this movie tells the story of a young woman
who violently falls out with her family. Forced into an impoverished and marginal existence, she must escape her mother’s blackmail while dealing with the tough reality of her new life. Finally she must make a decision – return to luxury, or escape with the love of her life. A gripping story, highly recommended.
Dr. Jump,  “Jump Cut Reviews”

” …rare and realistic …”
LONGING FOR FREEDOM is that rare film that tells the realistic story of
a young woman who, after a failed suicide attempt, tries to break free from her oppressive life with the help of a young writer. Strong feelings soon develop between the two and for the first time the young woman has a sense of who she is, only, of course, to have it all come crashing down in a surprise ending. Can she get out in time? The story is intercut with real-life interviews with random people on the street who talk about love, sexuality, religion, authoritarian parents and American families.
Roger Schleiffer, Film Critic

Filmed as a showreel for the actors,
LONGING FOR FREEDOM turns out to be the most powerful indie feature I’ve ever seen.
It is incredibly realistic. The movie follows the tradition of GONE WITH THE WIND and TITANIC. A remarkable success.
Sharon Howard, Journalist

“A great American love story”
LONGING FOR FREEDOM is an independent film which tells
the story of a young woman who liberates herself from an abusive relationship and starts a new life. Confronted with a blackmailing mother, her own poverty, and a corrupt cop, Jennifer finds herself torn between her love for a young European author and the wealth and financial security that marriage to a rich businessman could bring her.
Longing For Freedom is interwoven with two interviews in which the film’s stars speak openly about love, sex and partnership.
Michelle Barnard, Editor of a fashion magazine

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