longing for freedom 1 picture gallery

Jennifer has to face hard times

but she makes the best out of them.

She breaks out and lives her own life.

(Drew, 19)



He takes life as it comes – pretty cool.

     (Richard, 20)

Longing For Freedom - Gallery


She has no friends but she has more fun than others.

                           She is special.

                                        (Rose, 17)


Mark has talent as an artist and he makes a living from it. Nice.

                                                                                                   (Anne, 23)

longing for freedom picture gallery



She’s into Mark because she sees his true nature.

(Dorna, 21)


 He went his own way, from the beginning on.  (Ray, 19)

longing for freedom picture gallery


We all want something from life.

Jennifer is courageous. She simply took what she deserved.

(Karen, 19)

 I’m just guessing but maybe in real life Jennifer is like she is in the movie. That would be cool.  (Lindsey, 17)


longing for freedom picture gallery


Mark and Jennifer are outsiders. That’s why they become a couple. Somehow I think we all are outsiders. Just a little.            (Jessica, 21)

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