Synopsis (long)

Told from her perspective, Jenny desperately wanted freedom from social ills and family influence.
On the verge of suicide Jenny is abruptly stopped by a stranger; once-famed novel writer-turned-homeless man, European Mark Fischer.

Mark consequently becomes a rival of her rich yet disrespecting boyfriend, Ron.
Older and with more life experience, Ron is condescending, telling Jenny she would make the perfect wife and because she doesn’t have much time left (as a young and attractive woman), she needs to take the opportunity of marriage he dangles in front of her.

Typically, Ron breaks his promise of moving into a dump of an apartment with her, thus leaving her flat broke. Jenny is forced to call her snobbish mother for financial assistance. Via the conversation with her mother Jenny is told to “hold on to Ron” because of his wealth, social standing, and especially because his uncle is Jenny’s father’s boss.

Jenny’s next desire of entering a literary contest, sabotaged by Ron, who leaves for Chicago on business. Their relationship deteriorates more and with nothing to lose, Jenny approaches Mark in the place they met.
Jenny thanks Mark for saving her life and asks him to move in with her.

In exchange for free rent, Mark moves in with Jenny and teaches her the art of writing.

Initially, the audience learns the story is just a bunch of idyllic young people trying to make the next Hollywood blockbuster. Comedy is interjected in some scenes, but overall this independent film is a love story about making dreams come true, especially when the only person who you can depend on is yourself.

As the story develops, however, tensions among the characters rise, including the attempted murder of Jenny by Ron when he realizes he cannot have her. Ron’s rage leads to Mark‘s gruesome killing. Ron will also die when he is accidentally poisoned.

In the finale Jenny is the sole survivor. For the first time in her life, our heroine is her own person; free at last.

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